Advertising For Football Webcasts


With multiple football webcasts scheduled for Hoosic Valley, Mechanicville, and Stillwater as well as a single games for Cambridge, Hoosick Falls, and Greenwich we’re looking for advertising businesses to help Wasaren Sportsnet bring you those broadcasts.  If you are an interested business owner, or know of someone who is please contact me at for single or multiple game advertising packages.

If you’re not a business owner but would like to help we have a PayPal option on our Wasaren Sportsnet website.

Our webcast schedule for the football season is as follows:

Hoosick Falls @ Hoosic Valley 9/10

Warrensburg @ Cambridge  9/17

Watervliet @ Mechanicville  9/23

Glens Falls @ Hoosic Valley  10/1

Stillwater @ Mechanicville  10/7

Fonda @ Hoosic Valley   10/8

Greenwich @ Mechanicville  10/14

Lake George @ Hoosic Valley  10/15

Having webcasted the Tamarac at Stillwater game Friday all our Wasaren schools that play football will have at least one webcasted game this season.

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