Jimmer Continues to Roll

jim head shot

After his pouring in 75 points in a game 10 days ago Jimmer Fredette has been just average in his last four outings.  With games of 33, 36, 41 and 43 points scored, the Glens Falls native averaged 38.3 over that span which is identical to his scoring average for the season, good for third place in the CBA.

Nothing average about that type of production and that goes for his shooting percentages as well.

On the year Fredette is shooting .514 from the floor, .464 from three point range, and .957 from the charity stripe.  He hands out 5.8 assists per game and pulls down 5.9 rebounds per contest while leading the league in steals at 3.6 per outing.

His Shanghai Sharks squad is presently 10-4 on the season with their next game on Friday where Fredette will step on the floor and in typical fashion drop 35-40 points.  A monster night for most, continues to be just an ordinary night in China for the Lonely God.





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