High School Athletics Remain on Hold


This past Friday, around 4:30 in the afternoon, I got the feeling I should be packing up the laptop and headset for a trip to Mechanicville and the call of a Red Raider football game.  Obviously there was no said game to cover as things are shut down on the high school sports landscape and will remain that way throughout the fall.

I have to say I was a but surprised this past week when the Wasaren league decided to push the boys and girls soccer season to the spring.  It seemed like there was a chance that soccer would be played this fall but the powers that be, decided not.  The league officials made that decision, taking into account many factors with the most important being the safety of everyone involved. I’m sure it was a difficult decision to make and equally difficult for the coaches, players and their families to accept.

Sports are such a bit part of our society, and one could argue the biggest impact comes at the high school level. That impact reaches well beyond just players and coaches, extending to the people filling the stands.  Family and extended family of most players are game-day fixtures throughout the fall, winter and spring seasons. Day game, night game, home or away, inclement weather or a hot, humid June afternoon those proudest fans wouldn’t miss.

They’ve checked the schedule on the refrigerator door, and have planned accordingly regarding departure time, directions if needed, food, and weather along with wearing/packing appropriate apparel.  Really a way or big part of life for many.  Our home at one time housed three high school athletes and a coach.  It was at times crazy, chaotic, you pick the adjective, but it was a big part of our family as I know it is, or has been for many families throughout the Wasaren.

But this past winter everything changed with the onset of the pandemic.  Honestly few of us truly knew what the word meant, but we do now and make no mistake, gaining control of Covid-19 is real life, while sports is simply the candy store well down the list in terms of importance.  Hopefully our medical experts can produce a vaccine that sometime soon will allow us to unlock that door to the candy store so players can compete, coaches can coach, and fans can show out in support.  Here’s hoping.



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