Boys Basketball Stats


My statistics professor in college walked into the room the first day of class and told us that you could make numbers say anything you want.  Overall I would tend to agree with her.  Yes sometimes numbers are cut and dry, and leave little room for interpretation, but there are times five people look at a series of numbers and draw five different conclusions.

Let’s take the Mechanicville Red Raiders for example.  They’re seventh out of the eight league teams in scoring putting 49.3 points on the board nightly.  Looking at those numbers you would think the Raiders might be struggling this year, but currently Mechanicville is riding an eight game winning streak and remain undefeated in league play.

The other important number in the equation is obviously the opposite end of the floor where the Raiders hold opponents to under 47 points per, the best in the Wasaren.

Those who think,”The best defense is a good offense”, might say Mechanicville doesn’t score enough. I would tell you some nights the jumpers not falling  and if you want to win, learn how to guard.

Hope you like the numbers.


Stillwater              5-0     9-1

Mechanicville        5-0     8-1

Hoosick Falls        3-2     3-3

Tamarac               2-3      4-5

Granville               2-3      3-8

Greenwich             1-3       2-6

Hoosic Valley        1-3      2-6

Cambridge            0-5      3-5


Leading Scorers

Mitchell Wayand        Stillwater               28.0

Connor McCart           Hoosick Falls        22.7

Daniel Genevick         Cambridge            20.0

Matthew Fuller           Granville                16.3

Evan Dunn                 Mechanicville         15.5

Dillon Maxon              Tamarac               15.3

Colin Skiff                   Greenwich             14.4

Jared D’Aloia              Stillwater                13.2

Zack Travis                 Stillwater                12.7

Matt Espey                  Hoosic Valley         12.6


Made Three Pointers

Mitchell Wayand               Stillwater                42

Matthew Fuller                  Granville                25

Colin Skiff                         Greenwich             22

Evan Dunn                        Mechanciville         17

Jared D’Aloia                    Stillwater                17

Morgan Williams               Granville                16

Lukas Whitehouse            Greenwich               14

Alex Mendez                    Hoosick Falls           12

Dan Joslin                        Hoosic Valley           11

Brandon Stout                   Greenwich               10

Sam Griffen                      Tamarac                 10


Team Three Point Shooting

Stillwater                     68

Greenwich                   65

Granville                     61

Hoosick Falls              38

Mechanicville              37

Hoosic Valley              35

Tamarac                     3o

Cambridge                 22


Team                 Points Per       Points Allowed       Differential

Stillwater                64.5                        51.5                       +13

Tamarac                  57.7                       53.1                       +4.6

Cambridge              57.4                       54.3                       +3.1

Hoosick Falls           56.3                        50.3                       +6

Granville                  54.5                        60.5                       -6

Greenwich               53.1                        57.8                       -4.7

Mechanicville          49.3                        46.7                      +2.6

Hoosic Valley          47.4                        51.9                       -4.5

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