Stillwater Hall of Fame Induction

cambridge picture

At halftime of the boys basketball game between Stillwater and Schuylerville on Wednesday night, four new members were inducted into the Stillwater High School Hall of Fame.

Melissa Gaughan (Zdonick)  Class of ’86

Richard “Dick” Goverski     Class of ’61

Mark Mondoux   Class of ’86

John P. “Jack” Rentz   Class of ’41

Seeing Coach Goverski the longtime baseball mentor for the Warriors I flashed back to my high school days playing at Hoosic Valley.  My junior year late in the season with Stillwater battling, I believe it was Tamarac, for the league title, Coach Goverski called me at home knowing I would be pitching against Tamarac the next day.

He said if I shut them out there would be something in it for me, and we’ll leave it at that.  We won the next day but I don’t think it was enough to help Stillwater capture the crown that year.

None the less, I always enjoyed competing against Coach and his Stillwater clubs.  He was always chattering from his third base coaching box and at times that chatter was directed towards me on the pitchers mound.  A true character no doubt, and I always looked forward to our home and away match-ups with an always well-coached and talented Warrior squad.

Congratulations to Coach Goverski and all the 2015 Stillwater Hall of Fame inductees.


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