Wasaren Wrestling All-Stars


The Wasaren announced it’s wrestling all-stars on Wednesday and here are the recognized athletes.

Matt Laporte       (99)      Hoosick Falls  

Gabe Fisher        (106)    Hoosick Falls

Frank Darwak     (113)     Mechanicville/Stillwater

Sam Richards     (120)     Hoosick Falls

Daniel Motta       (126)     Mechanicville/Stillwater

Billy Callahan     (132)      Mechanicville/Stillwater

Devin Cohan       (138)      Granville

Matt Fox             (145)      Tamarac

Logan Brunick     (152)      Tamarac

Fritz Sheffler       (160)      Tamarac

Bailey Daigle       (170)      Granville

Bryan Thomas    (182)       Hoosick Falls

Dan Hayner        (195)       Mechanicville/Stillwater

Jody Hermance   (220)       Granville

Alex Hull             (285)       Hoosick Falls


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