Sectional Track Meet Results

In sectional track competition this week the Greenwich and Hoosic Valley girls and the Stillwater boys all won their respective meets in strong post season showings.  Section II breaks down the competition into five different meets, and here is a look at the three competitions involving Wasaren athletes.

Group 3

Girls :  1.  Taconic Hills 91 points   10.  Mechanicville 24 points  13.  Tamarac 14 points

200 Meters:  Jada Brown 3rd  Mechanicville

Pole Vault:  Michelle Hutter 3rd  Tamarac

Shot Put:  Lindsey Robens 2nd  Mechanicville

Discus:  Lindsey Robens  2nd  Mechanicville


Group 3

Boys:  1.  Broadalbin 139 points     7.  Tamarac 36 points   16.  Mechanicville 1 point

Long Jump:  Dan Honsinger  1st  Tamarac

High Jump:  Thomas Dandrow  3rd  Tamarac


Group 4

Girls:  1.  Greenwich 176 points   2.  Stillwater 138 points

200:  Kelly Moran  1st  Stillwater

400:  Quinn Collins 1st  Greenwich  Brooke Pickett 2nd  Stillwater   Bella Estill 3rd Stillwater

800:  Quinn Collins 1st  Greenwich    Nina Sgambelluri 3rd  Greenwich

1500:  Nina Sgambelluri 2nd  Greenwich   Teagan Wright 3rd  Greenwich

3000:  Brynne Wright 1st  Greenwich   Tess Fitzmaurice 2nd  Greenwich   Teagan Wright 3rd  Greenwich

110 Hurdles:  Luccia D’Acchille  1st  Greenwich    Kyleigh Frank  3rd  Stillwater

400 Hurdles:  Luccia D’Acchille  1st  Greenwich    Kyleigh Frank  2nd  Stillwater

2000 Steeplechase:  Brynne Wright  1st  Greenwich  Tess Fitzmaurice 2nd  Greenwich

4×100:  Stillwater 2nd

4×400:  Greenwich 1st     Stillwater 2nd

4×800:  Greenwich 1st   Stillwater 3rd

High Jump:  Alyssa Speizio  1st  Greenwich   Ramona Jordan  2nd  Greenwich

Long Jump:  Gianna Lucci  1st  Stillwater   Kelly Moran  2nd  Stillwater   Kara Moran 3rd  Stillwater

Triple Jump:  Kelly Moran  1st  Stillwater  Luccia D’Acchille  2nd  Greenwich

Shot Put:  Kiersten Alling  2nd  Greenwich

Discus:  Kiersten Alling  3rd   Greenwich

Pentathlon:  Sydney Frank  1st  Stillwater   Adrianna Rojas  2nd  Greenwich


Group 4

Boys:  1.  Stillwater 116 points     6.  Greenwich 49 points

100:  Connor Smith  1st  Greenwich  Nelan Sanchez  2nd  Stillwater Joe Conti  3rd  Stillwater

200:  Connor Smith  1st  Greenwich

400:  Erik Sicko  3rd  Stillwater

1600:  Peyton Howard  2nd  Greenwich   Joe Yusaitis  3rd  Stillwater

3200:  Joe Yusaitis  2nd  Stillwater

400 Hurdles:  John Gannon  3rd  Stillwater

3000 Steeplechase:  Joe Yusaitis  1st  Stillwater   John Gannon  2nd  Stillwater

4×100:  Stillwater  1st

4×400:  Stillwater  2nd

4×800:  Stillwater  1st

Pole Vault:  Damon Brownell  3rd  Greenwich

Long Jump:  Dylan Moran  1st  Stillwater   Trevor Murray  2nd  Greenwich

Triple Jump:  Dylan Moran  1st  Stillwater


Group 5

Girls:  1.  Hoosic Valley 137 points     3.  Cambridge 93 points   9.  Saratoga Catholic  14 points   14.  Waterford  2 points

100:  Ashlynn Chartier  1st  Hoosic Valley

200:  Ashlynn Chartier  1st  Hoosic Valley   Anna McNulty  2nd  Cambridge

400:  Vanessa Evans  2nd  Cambridge

800:  Anna Headwell  1st  Cambridge

1500:  Caroline Burnell  2nd  Hoosic Valley    Lily Czub  3rd  Hoosic Valley

3000:  Lily Czub  2nd  Hoosic Valley

400 Hurdles:  Eva Roberts  3rd  Hoosic Valley

4×100:  Hoosic Valley  2nd

4×400:  Cambridge  1st

4×800:  Cambridge 1st  Hoosic Valley  2nd

Long Jump:  Lauren Reed  2nd  Hoosic Valley

Triple Jump:  Lauren Reed  3rd  Hoosic Valley


Group 5

Boys:  1.  Maple Hill 168 points  5.  Cambridge 47 points  6.  Waterford 39 points  7.  Hoosic Valley 36 points  10.  Saratoga Catholic  13 points

100:  Colin Ratelle  1st  Hoosic Valley

200:  Colin Ratelle  2nd  Hoosic Valley    Kaedin Ogilvie  3rd  Cambridge

400:  Kaedin Ogilvie  1st  Cambridge

1600:  Griffin Day  2nd  Saratoga Catholic

3200:  Zachary Soden  3rd  Waterford

110 Hurdles:  Brian Bauer  2nd  Waterford

4×800:  Hoosic Valley 3rd

High Jump:  Austin Hackman  2nd  Cambridge

Long Jump:  Austin Hackman  2nd  Cambridge

Triple Jump:  Brian Bauer  2nd  Waterford   Austin Hackman  3rd  Cambridge







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