Wasaren Boys Stats, & Who Wins Tonight





Rick Lyons Staff Writer:  I put together some boys Wasaren numbers this morning after a pair of league contests and multiple non league runs for most schools at this point.

You’ll find the league standings, top ten scorers with their league and overall averages, and top three point and free throw shooters as well.

Also a look at team stats for offense and points allowed.

As for tonight’s match-ups:

Tamarac @ Mechanicville:  The Red Raiders playing well and at home tonight, too much for the Bengals.

Granville @ Stillwater:  Stillwater and Granville both sit at 2-0 in league play and the Warriors are 5-0 overall.  Both teams can score the ball but the Horde gives up 58 a night. Not a good combination with the Warriors offensive prowess.

Hoosick Falls @ Cambridge:  I like the Falls ability to guard and their balanced scoring.  The Indians Daniel Genevick can score, but not enough for the win tonight.

Greenwich @ Hoosic Valley:  An interesting one in Schaghticoke tonight as both squads look to get going.  Look for a low scoring affair as neither team averages 50 points nightly.  The Valley is always tough at home, and badly need a win.  I think they win close over the Witches.



Stillwater 2-0, 5-0

Mechanicville 2-0, 3-1

Granville 2-0, 2-4

Hoosick Falls 1-1, 1-1

Tamarac 1-1, 2-2

Greenwich 1-1, 2-2

Cambridge 0-2, 3-2

Hoosic Valley 0-2, 1-4


Leading Scorers      Overall Average                 League

Mitchell Wayand    Stillwater    27.4                       25

Daniel Genevick     Cambridge   24.2                     23.5

Matthew Fuller       Granville      18 2                      17

Evan Dunn         Mechanicville  17.8                     21.5

Alex Mendez     Hoosick Falls    16.5                     16.5

Don Espey          Hoosic Valley    16                         16

Dillon Maxon         Tamarac        15.7                      11.5

Jared D’Aloia     Mechanicville  14.6                      17

Guy Milliman    Hoosick Falls     14                          14

Don Joslin          Hoosic Valley    12.4                      10.5


Three Point Shooters-Made 3’s

Mitchell Wayand    Stillwater  19

Matthew Fuller       Granville  14

Morgan Williams    Granville  10

Colin Skiff                  Greenwich   9

Adam Dunn        Mechanicville  9


Free Throw Shooting

Adam Dunn  Stillwater             87%

Dan Joslin     Hoosic Valley     81.8%


Team       Points/Game      Points Allowed    Differential

Stillwater        65                            48.4                        16.6

Tamarac          63.7                        48.3                        15.4

Cambridge      63.6                         47                           16.6

Mechanicville  55.5                     45.5                          10

Granville           55.2                      57.8                         -2.6

Hoosick Falls  52.5                        47                             5.5

Hoosic Valley  46.8                       54                             -7.2

Greenwich        44                            53                             -9

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