Numbers From A Fine Football Season


On this first Monday in November with our focus slowly shifting to the winter sport season, let’s take a look back at a great football fall enjoyed by the schools of the Wasaren.

The seven football schools in the league put up impressive numbers posting winning weekends throughout the 2016 year.  Five of the seven squads finished with winning marks and the combined record of 46-19 for a .700 winning percentage.

When sectional seeds were handed out, five of the eight seeded teams came from the Wasaren in Class C, while Cambridge earned the #1 seed in Class D. With the exception of Tamarac, every school in the Wasaren played a sectional game this year and they made them count.  Hoosic Valley, Greenwich, and Mechanicville played semifinals contests, with an all Wasaren final between the eventual champion Witches and Red Raiders in Class C, while Cambridge crushed everyone in site marching to the Class D crown.

With winning teams come statistics telling us how the successful squads got it done on the offensive side of the ball.  When compared to all of Section II in selected offensive categories the Wasaren schools fared well.

Total Points:  Cambridge #1   Hoosic Valley #6   Greenwich #10

Rushing Yards:  Cambridge #1   Hoosic Valley #3   Mechanicville #4   Greenwich #10

Passing Yards:  Hoosick Falls #4    Cambridge #8

For individual statistics many league players earned their way into Section II top ten rankings as well.

Total Points: Tom Madigan Hoosic Valley #   Colton Dean Cambridge #4    Cole Burgess Greenwich #4    Reese Cristaldi Greenwich #9

Rushing Yards: Tom Madigan Hoosic Valley #4   Marc DeBates Mechanicville #6    Reese Cristaldi Greenwich #7

Passing Yards:  Aaron Tomczak Hoosick Falls #3     Sean Kane Stillwater #10

Receiving Yards:  Brad Schneider Tamarac #5   David Everard Hoosick Falls #6   Keegan McHale #10

Made Point After’s:  Helen Mooney Cambridge #4   Chris Albrecht Greenwich  #5                Jon Colligan Hoosic Valley #6    Jake LaFountain Mechanicville #6

Impressive showings for the individuals and teams of the Wasaren.  Congrats to all and best of luck to the Greenwich Witches, and Cambridge Indians as they carry the league torch in Classes C and D, in pursuit of a state football title.







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