‘Twas the Night Before Christmas


‘Twas the night before Christmas and in the North Pole

final prep for the big night was taking it’s toll.

Santa and his crew were under the gun

getting gifts ready for holiday fun.

“We need a break”, said Santa, “from the holiday toil and stress

to ensure our package delivery is done with skill and finesse.”

“A game of basketball”, thought Old St. Nick

“Surely a spirited run will do the trick.”

Yes the big man could shoot it and the elves played good “D”

the reindeer rebound and run, it was something to see.

An opponent that’s worthy was next on the list

“I’ve got it”, yelled Santa with a shake of his first.

“A team of all-stars we’ll play from the Wasaren league

their best girls and boys will test us indeed.”

Four quarters of basketball early on Christmas eve

allowed Santa enough time to deliver to those who believe.

The all-stars were stacked with players that could score

Williams, Erickson, Brophy and more.

Zotto, Walsh and Sami D

Germaine and Phillips shooting the three.

The game was intense, spirted, well played throughout

tied with 10 seconds left when Mrs. Claus called timeout.

Mrs. C and Coach Lilac had been dueling all night,

drawing up plays setting things just right.

“We’ll run a down screen for Chris, Dasher you do the honor

if you don’t have a look Dear, go corner to Donor.”

But the Kringle Man was open and he bottomed his “J”

and then he and his reindeer ran to his sleigh.

“Thanks for the game”, called Santa as he drove out of sight

“And Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”





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